Earth Family Games
​​ Providing digital media to inspire Earth families! ​​
  Digital media is constantly shaping humanity. Humans are becoming their digital doppelgangers and the family unit seems to be losing its beneficial foundations. 

We provide games, virtual reality and mixed reality experiences that better align human digital personas with the values and goals of who they desire to be as an Earth Family member.

Our first project is a role-playing survival and adventure game, Nephi's Adventures Part I. Think of it as Zelda meets Oregon Trail.
  After noticing how games and VR/AR experiences were changing families,  we wondered if that change was having enough of a positive impact on your lives.

Our idea is to provide a safe digital environment in which you can experiment with choices and experiences that would ultimately have a much more positive effect on families.
  Many consequences are hidden in this galaxy. It’s hard to know if the choices we make are having a positive impact. What if we told you that it’s possible to reverse time and reamake a choice? In the digital world, we can make a choice, reset and make a different choice.

This digital string manipulation is extremely beneficial! Our mission is to teach the rewarding benefits of making good and moral choices by comparing the consequences of making bad ones.
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We're here to inspire Earthling families!
Our first project is underway! Here is a preview of whats coming...

....a Role-Playing Game in which players can immerse themselves in the adventures of the past. In Part I, players will join Lehi's family as they flee Jerusalem to get to the coast and prepare to set sail for the Promise Land. Players will be able to pray, battle, forage, and prepare for their journeys by choosing their own path. They can rely heavily on meditation and prayer or take a worldlier path in wealth and trade. Players come to understand how choice is a determining factor in who we desire to be.