Earth Family Games
About Us
Earth Family Games
We are a Texas based digital design studio with many years of experience. Most of us are parents with a strong desire to see our kids use gaming and digital experiences for positive development. We envision a day when we will be able to go from trying to limit our kid’s gameplay because of its possible negative effects, by encouraging them to play for their potential positive ones. 

We believe in the foundation of the family. We encourage employees to balance their family and work life. We show greater value for our team by encouraging flexible schedules, hobby days, and volunteer reimbursement. This approach results in a higher quality product. Therefore; we need your help! With it, we do not have to rely on advertising dollars, and can make more immersive and positive experiences. Through crowdsourcing, investors and donators can contribute to improving the digital environment’s impact on humanity.

If you desire a position that celebrates your individuality, integrity, and life goals -then we are interested in hearing from you!

Oh, and we have a spaceship! 
The Team
  1. Timothy
    Timothy has over 15 years industry experience in game development. His carrier started in entertainment gaming where he held various positions at Electronic Arts, Bioware and Mythic Entertainment. After many years, he wanted his work to have a more positive impact. He switched over to educational gaming and has the unique blessing of building games for educators at Istation. His expertise in 3D game design are the foundation in our development.
  2. Laura
    Laura is an expert in business management. Besides being a keystone in development scheduling, staffing and production management, Her experience with motivating teams is paramount in our development pipeline. She oversees everything from marketing to scheduling and is vital to our success in delivering great products.
  3. Tyler
    Tyler is our resident gaming guru. Hand him some assets and you will have a game! Not only that, but he is our expert QA manager with many years of game testing and knowledge in how to make games fun. When touring our offices look for the dark room and the guy with the headphones on. He's the one always laughing and conversing with human gamers.
  4. Navie
    Navie is full of amazing character. She’s a wiz at character development and knows how to put personality into our characters. You'll often find her designing wardrobes and dancing about the room, singing and pretending to be different humans! She also has a keen ear for good sound design and is vital for immersion.
  5. Human Male
    Human Male
    Just one of the humans who we boss around. Nobody important.
  6. Human Female
    Human Female
    Another unimportant human. Play tester number two and water cooler replenish-er.