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If you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will contact you right away! 
Current Questions
Please bear with us as we continue to develope the site. 
Also do not hesitate to e-mail us with and questions. If your thinking it, so is someone else!

  • Can I donate now?
    Yes, just e-mail us directly. We are currently in the proces of setting up merchant channels for the kickstarter
  • Can I get more details about the game?
    The kickstarter is currently passing through editing. We will post it to this site in the next couple of weeks.
  • Where is all the art?
    Concept art is on the way! Though, you will likely see in game videos and screenshots before we have much concept art. This is mainly because we will be white boxing levels with Unity Store pre-built assets packages and building Substance Materials to be tweeked as we settle on an art direction.
  • Are you looking for more talent?
    Yes. Until kickstarter, we will not be able to hire full time employees but we are always looking for gamers and devs to share ideas and offer assistance! Just send us an e-mail!

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