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Game Summary​

This is a Role-Playing Game in which players can immerse themselves in the adventures of the past. In Part 1, players will join Lehi's family as they flee Jerusalem to get to the coast and prepare to set sail for the Promise Land. Players will be able to pray, battle, forage, and prepare for their journeys by choosing their own path. They can rely heavily on meditation and prayer or take a worldlier path in wealth and trade. Players come to understand how choice is a determining factor in who we desire to be.  

NOTE: Game is in Construction!!
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  1. Early Concept
    Early Concept
  1. Moral Choices
    Moral Choices
    Meditation and Prayer are used to avoid guards, trials and find food. All of which can bring your travels, or life, to a screeching halt! But, is this your path? You can also choose the worldly path and let Wealth be your guide by making choices and spending your time gathering food, treasure and goods to trade at various encampments. Do you offer Wealth to the shop keeper to keep you hidden from Laban’s guards or do you use Spirit to avoid the shop entirely? Perhaps a combination of using Wealth and Spirit is your path. Whatever your choice, it will be full of adventure and peril. Can you learn to be the master of your choices?
  2. Rich Open World
    Rich Open World
    Adventures of Nephi: Part I, contains Jerusalem and the wilderness. If you make it through the wilderness without perishing, you will arrive at the coast. Before beginning your journey through the wilderness, it’s necessary to build a reserve of Wealth or Spirit by completing quests. You prepare to enter the wilderness by gathering supplies, equipment and special items like the Brass Plates. Take care because the wilderness is full of suffering! You will be faced with famine, trials and Laban’s guards. This is where the value of your choices is vital.
  3. Character Customization
    Character Customization
    The ultimate goal is to survive and make the best choices in order to prolong your destiny. To do so, your character will need the best equipment and customization. What type of character will you be? Have your choices enabled you to obtain more powerful weapons and treasures? Did you trust the right people and now have supplies and equipment that will help you survive; winters, diseases and famine? In the Adventures of Nephi, customization of your character and the equipment you choose can have a big impact on your environment and path of adventure. Your characters advancement is influenced by the items you collect and the items you collect influence your advancement!